ApHeMo 2.10

ApHeMo is a Health Monitoring analyser for Apache HTTP Server. ApHeMo makes administrators able to improve security, reliability and to easily detect attacks from hackers (scans, potential backdoors...). ApHeMo is a must have tool for dedicated servers administrators.


Automatic log downloading from remote FTP or local server;
Automatic log analysis;
Error validation (after investiguation, spurious alert, known bug...);
Autofilter to remove spurious alerts;
Attackers IP address detection for backtrace or correlation;
One-click WhoIs? for intruder identification;
International support;
And much more!

NB: To all the users who recently got AVIToolbox v2.4.5 and KCleaner v3.0:
You can update these programs for free! The updates have been released with emergency hotfixes. Download links are available here. The licence code are the same as for the previous versions.
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